"We’ve got it all on this record [Real People, Not Actors].  There’s a wild saxophone solo from the incredible Tomoki Sanders on “Mr. Davis, You’re Famous!”  There’s a dope horn/drum break on “We Don’t Wanna Hear About It” featuring Maddie Jay and Jonah Summerfield, two of the grooviest players I know.  I play a lot of guitar lines I stole from Slash in “Stephanie,” which was very fun to do and I hope fun to listen to.  Some of my favorite songs I’ve ever written are on this EP, like “Red Red Rose” which was written as a homework assignment and then brought to life by Kris Havik’s piano playing.  We’ve even got an acoustic guitar sing along in “Hailstorm Georgia,” cowritten by one of my real-life favorite people ever, Will Jackson.  If you’re looking for fun stuff to listen to, this EP will definitely be a good find."  - Brian McShea, Brian McShea and the Sidemen.  

   Brian McShea and The Sidemen are an alt rock jam band put together by bandleader Brian McShea.  Armed with a rainbow of songs written and scored by Brian, the hornline explodes with improvisational energy as the rhythm section never stops burning.  Whether it's the fire of the trumpet or the thunderous pocket of the drums, each Brian McShea and the Sidemen show seems to top the last.


Thanks to No Depression for the review of "Stephanie!"

Thanks to No Depression for the review of "Stephanie!"

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