Real People, Not Actors

   If you’re reading this, I think you’re somewhere in Season 2.  That’s alright; this isn’t one of those shows where you have to start from the first episode.  This show probably hits it’s stride around Season 3, so this is a perfect time to get to know who you’re listening to. 

   I’m Brian McShea, and these are the Sidemen.  Together, we come to form Brian McShea and the Sidemen.  That’s the name of the band, Brian McShea and the Sidemen. 

   We’ve just released our second EP, Real People, Not Actors.  It’s everywhere now, including Spotify (my bad that it took a week to get up there).  It was made with lots and lots of Sidemen from all over America.  Over 20 people worked on this EP, from our College Spring-Break tour days (Cover Band bandmate Ben Higginbotham sang some wonderful harmonies, and longtime friend Hector St-Hilaire is the most versatile drummer I know ) to our California Road-Trip lineup (thanks to Nile Alexander for the perfect amount of piano).  Some people I’d known since I was in middle school (that one amazing pick-rake in “Mr. Davis” is Zach Boucher) and some I met for the first time during the recording sessions (Like when bari-saxophinst Blayke Philips saved the day for “Stephanie and Mr. Davis”).  It’s amazing to sit down with the finished EP and hear the orchestra of different people in my life. 

    We’ve got it all on this record.  There’s a wild saxophone solo from the incredible Tomoki Sanders on “Mr. Davis, You’re Famous!”  There’s a dope horn/drum break on “We Don’t Wanna Hear About It” featuring Maddie Jay and Jonah Summerfield, two of the grooviest players I know.  I play a lot of guitar lines I stole from Slash in “Stephanie,” which was very fun to do and I hope fun to listen to.  Some of my favorite songs I’ve ever written are on this EP, like “Red Red Rose” which was written as a homework assignment and then brought to life by Kris Havik’s piano playing.  We’ve even got an acoustic guitar sing along in “Hailstorm Georgia,” cowritten by one of my real-life favorite people ever, Will Jackson.  If you’re looking for fun stuff to listen to, this EP will definitely be a good find. 

   These really are real people and not actors.  I know you hear that every day, and most times the real people look awfully similar to actors.  But we over here at Brian McShea and the Sidemen aren’t doing this for the paycheck (partly because there isn’t one available).  We’re doing this because there are real people and real places and real things that inspire us, and we just can’t help it.  We’re not trying to do anything special, we’re not trying to change the world, we’re not trying to get you to buy something.  This is just really who we are and what we do. 

   If you’re in the Los Angeles area, we could be hanging out right now.  I live in a little yellow plex in East Hollywood.  It’s fun; if you have cash, we can grab tacos.  I’ll venmo you.  We can also jam with drummer Sam Ward and bassist Alex Gorchesky, who are currently in the Sidemen.  They’re very conversational players, we tend to have a lot of back and forth, so don’t worry if it sounds a little hectic.  Sometimes we just play with the three of us, sometimes we have a full 7 piece lineup; it just depends.  I’ve been feeling the power trio lately tho.

Live! From The Citgo Sign